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Brad Meehan

Dad, soccer coach, actor, and software developer. Two-time Emmy-nominated comedian and writer Brad Meehan finds humor in all corners of his life

An 8-year veteran of the Air Force, Brad traveled the globe on assignment with the 48th Intelligence Squadron, working in places like Italy, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others. After two successful tours, Brad was Honorably Discharged to pursue his education.

Brad graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Computer Science and was the recipient of the Academic Achievement Award for Computer Science.

With over 15 years working as a software developer, Brad has played a major role in creating software solutions for clients such as Walmart, Ford, SAP, and Carlson Hotels.

Brad is also regular host and emcee at the world-famous Kansas City Improv comedy club where he has shared the stage with top comedians like Greg Giraldo, Robert Schimmel, Ralphie May, Kevin Nealon, Harland Williams, Bobby Slayton, Drew Hastings, David Alan Grier, John Heffron, Lisa Lampanelli, Michael Winslow, Robert Hawkins, and John Witherspoon.

Brad was recently voted All Comedy Radio’s “Funniest Person in Kansas City” and The Pitch Weekly's "People Choice Best Local Comedian".   He was also a first place winner of the Today Show's "Quest for the Best Comedian in America", where he made his national TV debut.  He has also written material for many touring comedians.   

As an actor, Brad provides comedic relief in spots for Kia, Hyundai and numerous local businesses. He recently received two Emmy nominations for writing.  He can also be seen in the Emmy Award-winning comedy horror short, "Get Off My Porch."

Bradley : 101

Here are some things I love or hate (or just useless facts about me):

I'm an awesome dad + I'm a bad spellar + I'm most happy when I'm making other people smile + I speak Italian + I'm a stand-up comedian + I'm addicted to Carmex. + "I like big butts and I cannot lie" + Whenever I read aloud to children, I yawn uncontrollably + I can't keep a straight face + I'm still obsessed with The Cure + I can 'gleek' + Peeling labels off of cold beer bottles + I get a horrible case of the giggles at inappropriate times (funerals, weddings, etc.) with zero ability to keep it in + I wasn't allowed to watch 'Silver Spoons' because Ricky Schroeder said, "sucks". That sucked. + I use way too many napkins when I eat + I've never seen 'Bambi' + I'm a backseat driver, courtesy of my grandma + I like strong handshakes, courtesy of my grandpa (I will judge yours) + Popping bubble wrap + I hate the sound of my voice on recordings + Lazy Sundays in pajamas due to restless Saturdays 'out of pajamas' + Chicks with glasses are sexy. Chicks with monocles are not + Wine tasting (and another taste...and another taste...and another taste) + I have the ability to get really annoying songs stuck in your head + "Fatherhood" is my favorite F-word + If I really think about sex (I mean *really* think about it), I sneeze + I can make beer + I'm half Italian, half Irish, all dork + I gross out on dirty microwaves and crumbs in the butter + Grazing on free samples at grocery stores + If I could smoke a Girl Scout Thin Mint, I would + I act in commercials and independent films. + Horizontal stripes + Sun-dried laundry + I'm too lazy to get out the ironing board. I iron everything on the floor + Molding Rice-Krispie Treats into perverted shapes + French Kissed: 7th grade. French Tickled: None of your business + Hitting the snooze button + Watching black and white movies + The smell of Play-Doh and crayons reminds me of childhood + Bjork + I'm a good person not because I fear Hell, but because I fear Jail + My life's goal is to play 'Plinko' on The Price is Right + Eye contact + I give. They take. Rise. Repeat + I hate musicals - even the one you were about to suggest. + I get the hiccups whenever I eat a Burger King Whopper. It's worth the risk + I still secretly giggle when people say "Nutcracker" or "Don we now our gay apparel" + Thunderstorms + Wearing warm, over-sized sweaters - the kind that look like you should be eating clam chowder + I rarely eat candy, but if I do it's a 'Reese's' (I steal them from my kids when I "inspect" their Halloween candy) + Creativity in any form + Holding hands + Farmer's markets + Building blanket forts + Erogenous zones + I'd travel an hour to hear you laugh for one minute + I don't get embarrassed - unless a waitress is singing a birthday song to me + I can't swallow capsules. I will put them in a marshmallow and pretend I'm chewing it + I could eat Mexican (food) every day + Playing board games with my kids (and actually trying to win) + Quoting obscure lines from 80's movies ("I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen" - Say Anything) + Licking the bowl + Ordering appetizers + I miss having grandparents + I coach kid's soccer. After every game - win or lose - I ask them the same question, "Did you do your best?" + I hate the smell of Curry, so I won't even try it + My friends in Italy thought my name was 'Bread' - and I never corrected them + I'm not a leg man, ass man, or feet man. In general, I like body parts I don't already have + I can't sleep unless there is a fan running + Putting potato chips on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches + Whenever I'm in a boring meeting and someone says 'stakeholder', I pretend they said, 'steak holder' + The bay leaf always ends up on my plate + Confidence + If I go to a store or restaurant on a holiday, I always thank the employees for working that day + I hate to see people get hurt, but I love to watch them fall. + Catching Fireflies + First Dates + Laughing until my stomach hurts + Seeing old people who are still in love + Choose Your Own Adventure books. (everything deserves a better ending) + Buying something from the ice cream truck (probably a "Drum Stick") + Going out for breakfast (with 'bed-head') + If you rearrange the letters of my last name, it spells "HeeMan" + Biographies about weirdos + Toasting marshmallows + I can solve a Rubik's Cube...or I could + Anticipation and excitement on Christmas Eve + I once ate a flower in protest of not being able to keep a stray dog. We kept the stray dog (flower power) + The first snowfall of the season + I used to write wishes on toilet paper and flush them down the toilet. Wishes are the sh*t + I get choked-up during chick-flicks. Don't judge + My favorite feature on a woman is hair - but not body hair. + My favorite sound is hearing kids laugh, especially if I caused it. + Hugs and kisses, just because + I'm a 'people person' who hates people + I've removed a mole with nail clippers. It bled for a week + Cotton candy at baseball games + I'd rather save a letter than a picture + Taking naps on rainy days + Cuddling on the couch + Low-mileage moms (with the 'new car' smell) + I share a birthday with "Ralph Malph" from Happy Days, so 'sit on it'+ First sip of coffee in the morning + My favorite day is Sunday (or Taco Tuesday) + I hate when my hands smell like food. I have to wash them immediately after I eat + I gag uncontrollably on dental x-rays + I'm horrible with directions - you have to reduce them down to 'left' and 'right' instead of 'west' and 'east' + Soaking my feet in hot water. Ahhh... + Green Bay Packers + Reading the "Missed Connections" in the personal ads (desperate, but strangely romantic) + Documentaries + I talked so much in school that I had to bring a note home from 3rd grade each Friday that said whether or not I could watch 'CHiPs' (Side Note: I was "Ponch" for Halloween that year) + Butterflies in my stomach + Sharp insults, sharper comebacks + I've been to more countries than States + I hate pie crust + Smoking ribs (in a smoker, not a bong) + I prefer dark meat (turkey, not dicks) + 80's metal hair bands + Petting zoos are disgusting + Chamomile tea on a cold night + I avoid chain restaurants to seek out the unique treasures + I can barely write in cursive - I stopped in 5th grade and it shows (people think I write like a doctor) + Flirting with my girl from across the room + I read magazines from back to front + I sleep on top of the covers with my own blanket + Being immersed a good book + I barely graduated high school but I graduated Cum Laude from college. + My favorite season is Fall + Sitting outside by the patio fireplace + Limoncello + Old school video games (Pac Man, Frogger, Joust, Defender, etc) + I've never seen an episode of Star Trek, but I'm a big nerd + Sarcasm + Tailgating at sporting events + People watching + My left thumb is double-jointed + I let the water run when I brush my teeth + I'm afraid of snakes, clowns, and drag queens + I go to bed wearing socks, but kick them off during the night. You can always find 20 or 30 stray socks under the bed + I like the smell of birthday candles when you blow them out + I never shake the presents. I want to be completely surprised

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