Bon Jour!

Hanging out in Paris this weekend. My train pulled into the train station early morning just when people were scurrying about, fetching fresh bread for the day.

Paid 1 Euro to use the restroom. Got my money's worth.

Stopped and had coffee at a little cafe and watched Parisian life happen around me.

Walked to the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Champs D'Elise, Arch de Triumph, etc...and back.

I learned that French people don't really hate Americans. They must just hate you. If you're polite and at least try to speak their language, you'll do just fine here. I also learned that there's no such thing as taking too many pictures. I'll post some, I promise.

Back to London for a few more weeks....then I'm heading home for a late Thanksgiving with my bride and my babies.

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