Busy Week of Comedy

This week I got to travel to Washington, KS to do a show for their annual Chamber of Commerce event. It was such an interesting, small town. I stayed in a motel next to a store called "Camp Creek Bird Seed and Golf Carts" (for the bird lover on the go?). That was not the strangest combination business in town. There was a chiropractor/gun store. The people were great we really had some good laughs and a nice dinner.

There was a tomcat outside my motel door howling the entire night. I imagine a few local kids were sitting in their truck outside my door tossing sardines out the window. "Welcome to Washington, city boy."

On the way home I saw a sign outside of Seneca, KS that says: "Seneca: A Great Place to Live: School, Church, People". I was thinking, "I don't like any of those things."

I also saw a semi turned over on it's back on the side of the highway. Either the wind got it or it wanted me to scratch its belly.

Saturday I performed at the Lake Winnebago Yacht club for their annual Valentine's Dinner. Bob Bennett was a terrific host. Those people really like to let loose and party. Here were some numbers from the bar: 22 cases of beer, 9 cases of red wine, 5 cases of white wine, 5 bottles of vodka, and 7 bottles of Scotch. And that was just Bob's tab. :)

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