Bradley : 101

Here are some things I love or hate (or just useless facts about me):

I'm a bad spellar + I'm most happy when I'm making other people smile + I speak Italian. The first word I ever learned was 'accendino', which means 'lighter' + I'm a stand-up comedian + I'm addicted to Carmex. + "I like big butts and I cannot lie" + Whenever I read aloud to children, I yawn uncontrollably + I can't keep a straight face + The Cure + I adopted a Golden Retriever from the pound named 'Lucky'. + I can 'gleek' + Peeling labels off of cold beer bottles + I get a horrible case of the giggles at inappropriate times (funerals, weddings, etc) + I wasn't allowed to watch 'Silver Spoons' because Ricky Schroeder said, "sucks" + I use way too many napkins when I eat + I've never seen 'Bambi' + Popping bubble wrap + I hate the sound of my voice on recordings...Read the rest here

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