Saturday, December 03, 2011

RIP Comedian Kurt Ramos

Thursday my good friend and fellow comedian Kurt Ramos passed away in Colorado. My heart goes out to his wife Susan and his boys.

I was there there very first time Kurt did comedy. Will C and I had a show and Kurt and Susan came to watch. He introduced himself after the show and said it was his dream to be a comedian. After a few minutes of talking, Will and I handed him the microphone and forced him to do comedy. He was a natural. His comedy was personal, honest, with a great point of view.

This is a picture of Kurt that night - his very first time on stage. What an honor to have witnessed that.

Our friendship grew, and we did many shows together. I will miss talking to him on the phone, running new joke ideas by each other, or talking about life.

My phone rang the other night while I was working. The caller id said it was Kurt. I figured I would just call him back when I was done. I wish I knew it would be the last time I would hear his laugh. I keep staring at my phone, wishing I could go back and answer it.

I miss him already. RIP my friend.