KC Star Q&A

The KC Star wrote a nice article about me this week:

Bradley Meehan
Comedy Winner

Q. What did you win?
A. I won the All Comedy Radio 1340-AM Comedy Competition, "Funnniest Person in Kansas City."

You're the funniest person in town?
Pretty much. And the most annoying. It's a thin line and I'm on both sides of the line.

Day job?
I'm a programmer at Commerce Bank.

Anything funny about that?
No. It's a great balance because I have to be so smart at work, and I get to be such an idiot on stage. I've always been told I was "the funny guy." And after really thinking about it, I started doing stand-up comedy last summer.

And now?
I am the funny guy. It's like Grandma used to say: "Laughter is the best medicine." She used to say, "Whiskey is the best medicine," too. That's a different article. But when you fill a room with laughs, all your worries disappear. And you're thinking, "Maybe I just did the same thing for them, too."

Did you get a "Funniest Person" prize?
I won a $700 PA System.

What do you do with that?
I think you tell fart jokes in the basement with your kids.

So your material is family friendly?
My stuff is PG-13. It's about family and kids, just things that have happened to me. You know, being foreced into a vasectomy the day after your baby is born. Do you know what I mean?

I can't say I do. What's behind that?
My wife wanted me out of the gene pool for some reason.

--Brian McTavish/KC Star

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