Wendy Liebman

I wanted to generate some comments and short reviews for my book so I contacted some of my favorite comics and asked for quotes for the back cover. I hoped, but never expected Wendy Liebman to reply. Some how she found my website and wrote, "I just read some of your blog. You're so funny!"

Are you kidding me? Wendy Liebman has to be one of the best comedians I have ever seen. Her style and timing are impeccable and the jokes are so creative and clever. Having her say 'I'm funny' is like Emeril Lagasse telling you your Gumbo is good, or like Pam Anderson saying you have nice boobs. Even if I don't get a quote, that had to be one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. It's one thing when your buddies tell you you're funny, but when of the greatest comedians says it, it means something complete different.

Thank you, Wendy!

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