Leggo my Ego

Your ego really takes a beating when you do comedy. Last week I had one of THE BEST sets I've ever done at the IMPROV. Over 300 people were there and I tore it up! A few days later, I do the same jokes and I ate shit for 30 minutes in Topeka. Then, the night after that, I go to Blue Springs and have the best time with less than 25 people at Sticks.

I decided that if I ever get famous I'm going to start endorsing really weird products, like window caulk. It's going to be called, "Brad's Big White Caulk." The commercials will say, "Gotta leaky hole? Stick Brad's Caulk in it! Drafty backdoor? Stick Brad's Caulk in it! And now for those stubborn, clogged rusty pipes - Brad's Big White Foaming Pipe Snake!"

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