Ralphie May Wrap-Up

I just wrapped up my week with at the Improv Ralphie May from "Last Comic Standing" and "Celebrity Fit Club". It was a great week with most shows being sold out completely. They even added tables to the back of the room for Saturday's shows. Incredible. I've never seen that room so energetic.

"Ralphie - No Smoking...and yes, this does mean weed."

Most headliners have to do 45 minutes sets. Ralphie consistently did 2 hours+ every night (late show) and truly gave everyone their money's worth. Friday we went until almost 1:30 AM.

Jennifer T, Ralphie May, Me

He was so generous to spend time with Andrea and me before a show so we could interview him for our other blog.

Thanks to all my friends who could make it to the show!

Me and friend Jennifer T

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