Hyundai Commercial Shoot

Today we shot a commercial that I wrote for Hyundai! This is going to be hilarious! I won't tell you what it's about until it airs. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I played a doctor along side the lovely Teresa Eblen, my comedy writing partner and great friend Andrea Caspari, and CJ Johnson. I wrote this a month ago and presented it to the folks at Hyundai. They said they loved the concept and approved it. Today we put my ideas into motion.

Chavon was on set to doctor up my sweaty face (BTW: someone once told me I had the "greasiest eyelids). The commercial was produced by BicMedia and was directed by Emmy Award-winner Patrick Rea.

Quote of the day:
Chris: What's your birthstone?
Me: Crack rock

Does this look infected?

Teresa, CJ, Patrick, Brad, and Andrea

Andrea, Brad, Chavon, and Teresa

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