Bobby Slayton Wrap-up

I had a great weekend at the Kansas City Improv. What an honor to work with Bobby Slayton. Big thanks to the staff at the Improv who always treat me like a king when I'm there.

Genius at work...Bobby, not me

The highlight of the weekend was when I offered Bobby a silly tag to one of his jokes that he used in his set on Sunday. There is no better feeling than hearing a comedy legend like Bobby say some of your words and get a big laugh.

Are you listening, comedy management? Send me more writing jobs!

Here are front-row laughers Megan and Megan with their collection of Improv-branded glasses. If you go to the Improv and you have to use a paper cup, blame them!

I will be their next Tuesday hosting the next round of Clash of the Comics. See you then!

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