Variety Children's Charity

Please take a look at this wonderful charity. I will be performing at their 2013 Variety Show.

Everyone wants to have the opportunity to live out his or her dreams. For some, this means singing, dancing or performing on stage, but for kids who have physical and mental disabilities, this can be a challenge.

Variety, The Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City helps make dreams come true for these children by giving them the ultimate gift: MOBILITY. This gift allows them to live their lives with freedom and independence.

Why Variety is Special to Brad: Even though Brad is now a two-time Emmy-nominated comedian, he’s never forgotten his roots. He has always given back to Kansas City, the town that made him famous. Now, his dream is to assist younger comics by being their mentor. Through his passion for helping kids, Brad is very excited to support Variety and the wonderful families we serve.

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