Douglas County Bank Commercial Shoot

This week I was the dad/hubby in a commercial for Douglas County Bank in Lawrence, KS. I got to work with the uber-talented Erin McGrane and two adorable kids.

Eric McGrane and Brad Meehan

...still holding out for a Hooters ad.

My kids got to be extras in the shoot. One of my hillbilly kids forgot to wear shoes and I had to turn around and go get them. During the shoot, the kids were supposed to stand in the background and pretend they were talking. Ariana thought Connor wasn't fake-talking good enough and told him he was a bad actor - then he started to cry. Nothing says fun in the sun like a crying kid in the background of a commercial. A bribe of twenty bucks dried his tears.

Here I am sweating my butt off in a 'picnic' scene. You know you're out of shape when you sweat from just sitting.

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