Outback Saloon - Marceline, MO

Last night comedian Bill Blank invited me to open for him in Marceline, MO - a cute little town in northeast Missouri. Marceline is touted as the 'boyhood home of Walt Disney' - or conversely, 'the town that Walt Disney wanted to get the hell out of'. It took a few minutes for my GPS to comprehend that I actually wanted to go to Marceline. I'm guessing most GPS requests are for leaving Marceline.

Of course, I got lost - again. I asked someone for directions and she actually said, "Follow me". You don't get that kind of service in a big city.

I had a fantastic time and it was definitely worth the 2 hour drive. The owners of the Outback Saloon made us feel very welcome and the people were ready for a good laugh.

Thanks, Outback Saloon!

Brad, Shannon, Bill Blank

Brad Meehan

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