Drew Hastings, Theo Von, Seka

The week is going great. I'm working with Theo Von and Drew Hastings at the Improv. Drew is a master story teller. The first show Friday night was nuts. Full house, and BIG laughs. These are the nights that remind why I do this.

In the crowd that night was Dottie Hundley, AKA "Seka" - the famous porn star from the 70's & 80's who lives in Kansas City now.

Between shows I called my good friend Jason Nivens who hosts a show on 98.9 The Rock, Kansas City's big rock/metal station. He was on air so I kept calling and requesting songs like "Freeze Frame" and "My Humps." He didn't know it was me. Then I called back and asked to make a "Long Distance Dedication" to my mom in Michigan and asked if he could please play Cisco's "Thong Song."

Side note: Nivens was one of the guys that really urged me to do stand up in the first place so I will always be grateful to him for that. I can't imagine my life without comedy now. Blame him.

After the show I was interviewed by Kristen Hogan and photographed by her husband Alexander Hogan. Kristen is a sociologist and is writing about performance and the body - very interesting.

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