Wrap up

Happy Easter.

I wrapped up my week with Theo and Drew at the Improv. The Saturday crowds were small compared to Friday. Maybe everyone went home for Easter.

Drew Hastings

Theo hurt his back and was hunched over the entire time. Between shows he was layed-out in the green room waiting for the Vicadin to kick in. I don't think it ever did.

Theo Von from MTV's Road Rules

Andrea Caspari showed up and did a set. She has a great opener about going shopping for a bathing suit. The clerks asks her if she wants a one piece or a two piece. She says, "Give me a six piece and a biscuit. I'll be waiting in the dressing room."


Jason Nivens from 98.9 The Rock came out to the second show with his girlfriend. It was cool to see him laughing at the crap he inspired.

Front row laughers! She looked so good in her pants
I felt like I should call and thank her parents.

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